If you are currently teaching screenwriting and want more information about how this program might be able to help your students to more effectively launch and further their careers…

First we want to say that, as far as we’re concerned, you rock and we have mad respect for you helping future screenwriters to learn and practice what they need in order to have a real opportunity to join our industry and a meaningful career as professional screenwriters.

So to our valued colleagues and collaborators in helping the next generation properly prepare, we say a big, sincere “Thank you!”

That you care enough to do some extra research into other resources to help your students succeed makes you a double-hero in our eyes.

To that end, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

And we would especially value your feedback. So extra-please consider reaching out to us with any questions, comments, etc. at: CES@MPii.org

Also, if you’re inclined, let us know what you’re teaching and where and if you might be interested in participating in some of our higher-level programming for working industry professionals (including workshops specifically for those teaching/mentoring at film school and similar programs).

Oh, and if by chance you are interested in some of the high-level, high-impact curriculum of the Career Excelerator for Screenwriters program areas of focus (career strategies, the complexities of the collaborative creative process, and master-level story craft skills) for your own career, consider applying to this program yourself, as a senior fellow or visiting artist at MPii.