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the best of industry standards.

“Celebrating 30 years of improving our industry’s best practices.”

The Motion Picture Industry Institute (MPii) is a nonprofit industry organization founded by MP/TV professionals seeking to research and share with peers higher-level craft skills and career-strategies and, in so doing to establish better industry standard practices. A natural outgrowth of that has been to add to that mission also helping the next generation of emerging motion picture industry personnel to be better prepared, as our future collaborators, to be more effective team members as they launch and further their careers.


At the core of our mission to help build a stronger entertainment industry, MPii engages in ongoing research into and improvement of best practices in the areas of story development, casting, production, legal and finance, marketing and distribution, film theory & criticism, diversity, gender and inclusion, and other vital aspects of the motion picture industry.


MPii disseminates the results of our industry-leading research to working professionals, as well as emerging craftspeople, via an array of programs, trainings and workshops designed and lead by experienced category experts who are committed to generously sharing their insider trade secrets with peers and the next generation.


Check out the many rewarding ways you can strengthen your career trajectory by getting involved in what’s happening at MPii: as a working professional you can share your expertise and insights by participating in our roundtables or survey research, or by leading a workshop or even becoming an artist in residence. As an emerging craftsperson, you could apply for a career-building fellowship or build your network and ‘this counts on your resume’ experience by volunteering. Or if you’re at the student level, consider our industry-leading internship program.