Become an Artist in Residence

As an established working professional, you can help build your career, improve your craft, and expand your professional network by sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with other industry professionals by leading or participating in the many different research and training programs we offer. One way of doing this is to become an ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at MPii.

Our Artists in Residence  get the benefits of:

Greater Peer-to-peer connection, as fellow advisors in the design of the various research and training programs.

The inspiring rewards of mentoring aspiring and emerging artists, some of whom may become of future collaborators.

Opportunity to develop or produce creative works, or participate in different roles, that might not be supported, encouraged or even allowed in your regular industry position.

Artist residencies are flexible and can be as short as a few days or as long as several years.

It’s easy to apply to become an Artist in Residence at MPii, just let us know of your interest and we’ll follow up with you.