The Motion Picture Industry Institute was literally founded at a roundtable. Despite working at competing companies,working industry professionals came together at a round table in the back of a Hollywood restaurant to discuss and help each other with their commonindividual and collective career and work challenges.

Within the discussions, it became clear that there was a need for a place where industry professionals could learn from each other and actively problem solve. Talking about a challenge one person might be struggling with at their job often evolved into awareness of the need to address that issue industry wide, leading to the creation of a subcommittee to research and even improve upon industry best practices.

The roundtables were soon formalized to be invitation only, strictly confidential, with a prepared agenda involving one specific theme. The meetings were held regularly in various areas of the industry such as story development, production management, technology, set safety, diversity and inclusion, etc. Over time, the roundtables and the research gathered from them became the core of what is now the Motion Picture Industry Institute.

Founded on the inclusive idea that “There’s always room for one more at a round table”, for more than 30 years now, MPii continues to bring professionals together to solve the challenges they face in their daily work and to improve industry standards.

Past roundtable participants report many benefits in attending, including:

  • Establishing yourself as an active leader in your area of the industry,
  • Support and solutions for career and work challenges that you and your industry counterparts are facing,
  • A fun opportunity to network with other working professionals in your field,
  • Making a positive impact and contribution to the well-being of our industry.

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This year’s 31st Annual Story Development Roundtable will take place virtually on Friday, September 24th at 12:45 pm to around 2:30 pm Los Angeles time via Zoom.

The theme this year is “BRAVE NEW WORK: How story development is evolving in a post-pandemic world.”

Discussion topics will include challenges in story development executives’ work and potential changes in their roles due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changing industry trends, technology, and other impacts.

If you are interested in attending, let us know ASAP as seats are limited.