Application Instructions for the Professional Screenwriting Fellowship at MPii.


As part of the mandate to help improve the diversity, equity and inclusion within our industry, MPii has been an active proponent of various measures intended to provide meaningful opportunity especially for those from backgrounds not traditionally included or invited in. 

As part of this, the application process for this and other programs at MPii may be a bit different from other school or job-type applications you have participated in previously. Firstly, it is less focused on you being judged, and more focused on helping the applicant determine if the program is a good fit for them at this time in their career. 

This application process is a bit more involved and active. There are, by design, steps to it, whereby at each stage applicants are challenged to consider more deeply where they are at this point in their own professional preparation, with an eye toward helping the applicant to determine if the program is a good fit for them at this time as well as if they are a good fit for the program. 

There are six (6) steps in the process. Some of which may require you to fulfill mission assignments such as screen a film or read some material, reflect and respond. This means you should expect to invest some time, effort and thought into each step.

For our part we are dedicated to providing real value to you at each step of the application, where you have opportunity to deepen your understanding of the nature of a career as a professional screenwriter in this industry. And many find the application process itself to be quite fun (and the amount of fun might just be correlated to how good of a fit the program will be for applicants).

One big difference of this application process from what you might be expecting is that we will not be judging you on your screenwriting or story creative skills (although it would be natural for you to expect or even want to share those skills). After all, one of the main objectives of the program is to provide you with highly effective tools for significantly improving your skills and/or talents, so maybe your current skills/talent level aren’t so important at this stage. We are much more interested in getting a sense of you and whether the program is likely to be a good fit.

We strongly recommend that you do not apply until you have read the FAQ and/or the information based on where you are in your preparation for a career as a screenwriting professional.

If you are ready to proceed with your application, CLICK HERE to begin the application process by providing some basic information about yourself, and thereby receive your first ‘mission’ assignment. 


NOTE: all information you share during the application process is confidential.  

If you have questions, check out the FAQ, and/or reach out to us at: