MPii Program Policies


MPii programs are guaranteed to provide the best professional career-building tools available. If for any reason you feel an MPii training doesn’t deliver on that gold standard, let us know and we will correct the matter to your satisfaction or provide you with a tuition fee refund.


The MPii mission is to support current and future industry professionals in gaining access to the higher-level knowledge, strategies and skills they need to succeed, which is why we work hard to make our programs the best in the industry AND to keep program fees as low as possible, so all can have access.

NOTE: Don’t let the fee be an obstacle keeping you from the tools you need to build your career. CONTACT US for details on tuition reduction via volunteering, referrals, hosting comps, scholarship opportunities, or if you need to make special payment arrangements for covering the tuition fee.



Most MPii workshops, seminars, panels and similar events use a referral policy whereby you can attend tuition-free by referring two or more colleagues who attend from your company or friends from other companies. And, if you want, you can split the savings with them.


You can attend most MPii workshops, seminars, panels and similar events tuition-free by having your company host that event in a large conference or screening room or other group meeting space.


Because the career-building information shared in MPii’s programs is so vital to empowering your career success, which fulfills the MPii mandate to help strengthen our industry, a limited number of working scholarships are available for most programs at MPii.


Volunteers at MPii earn opportunities to attend MPii program events at reduced tuition or tuition free. For more information on this contact:


MPii interns gain tuition-free access to many of the workshops, the trainings at MPii as part of their internship training program curriculum.


In order to support our mission of diversity, equity and inclusion, and other reasons (see below), most of the longer-term, more comprehensive programs at MPii, such as the Fellowships, are offered on a Tuition Free or Tuition Deferred basis. The theory behind this is that, since these programs are by design vital to career success, they need to be open and accessible to all if we are to genuinely improve the diversity of the qualified professionals in our industry. The cost of attending top film schools for example is prohibitive to many, especially when they are starting out and not yet earning as a working professional. The Tuition Free and the Tuition Deferred model are designed to provide that more open opportunity, without participants needing to go into debt or increase their student debt load.

Also, the Tuition Free and Tuition Deferred models are founded on the principle that MPii provides the best career success preparation in the industry, but you don’t need to take our word for it and pay for it up front. We are offering to join with you in a partnership where your hard work, dedication and talents, combined with the extra support from the MPii program is what will create the career success. Therefore, it is more appropriate that you pay for that support with a small percentage of your career earnings once you have a career, rather than you having to risk tuition money up front, without any assurance that the program will actually help your career.

TUITION FREE means that the participants are not required to pay any tuition before, during or after the program. Successful graduates are encouraged but not required to make an annual donation to MPii to ‘pay back’ and support the ongoing benefits that graduates get from being part of the MPii community. Current suggested guidelines for the annual donation are 5% of earnings as a working industry professional.

TUITION DEFERRED is where the participants are required to pay their tuition but not until their earnings begin as an industry professional, which is generally in the form of an annual contribution to MPii based on a small percentage of their earnings as an industry professional. The current annual contribution level is 5% of earnings as a working industry professional.

NOTE: Programs which use the Tuition Free and/or Tuition Deferred models typically require a deposit, to secure your seat in the program, which is reimbursed after successful completion of the program, usually as a deduction from a recommended or required contribution. Also, some programs require access to books, movies, etc which may involve a cost to access, such as video rental, book purchase (but often there is a free option available through libraries and other sources).