First impressions count — busy execs and their readers usually decide in the first ten pages whether they like the writer and where the script is going.  They know whether they want to keep reading, or not.
This course provides the master-level techniques to hook the reader in the first few pages and at the same time, create a better foundation for a stronger premise, more compelling character arcs, and cleaner, more engaging plots.
These techniques can then be used throughout the rest of the script to tighten and strengthen, build on the reader-writer bond, and keep it more “reader friendly” throughout, leading to more positive coverage that makes your script more likely to sell and attract star talent.  Also, these same “reader friendly” techniques will help you put forward your story more powerfully and more clearly, so  your vision will have a better chance of surviving “development hell.”
Whether you are a working writer or a future professional, this workshop is your opportunity to learn the secrets of the top professional script doctors who are highly sought after and well paid to come in and clean up scripts — mainly so the script gets better coverage.
This class teaches you:
*  How to create powerful openings that hook and excite the reader
*  7 steps to crafting the most powerful form of the “hook”
*  How to avoid the number one thing that annoys readers and pits them against you from the start.
*  Various tightening tools and avoiding big blocks of text
*  Why beginning your story in stasis undermines the viability of your vision
*  How to create a more masterful approach to introducing your world
*  What information readers need to know about the world you are creating within the first few pages.
*  How to avoid/fix the one of the biggest challenges for readers when it comes to tracking and bonding with your characters (that even experienced writers commit) in 3 simple yet highly-effective steps.
*  Five tricks of the masters for handling challenging exposition
*  Insights into how a professional reader reads, how that impacts coverage, and ways to take advantage of knowing the reader’s tactics.
*  Cutting edge techniques for formatting, polish, and stylistic approaches that make your script a more enjoyable read and at the same time, more “Reader Proof”
Because this is a new training which focuses on many of the best techniques, tips, and insights from some of our most popular longer courses, we anticipate it will fill to capacity quickly, so REGISTER NOW!