Whether you’re just starting out in Hollywood or are looking for a way to fast track your existing career, being a reader is one of the best and most coveted entry-level positions in the industry.
Professional readers have flexible hours, great working conditions, relatively good pay, plus there are all kinds of perks including opportunities for access to power.
Even if you’re not looking to be an official “reader,” story analysis is a must-have industry skill.  It gives you the ability to professionally assess the viability of projects, gets you into the game quickly, helps build industry connections, and elevates your “in the know” status by giving you access to projects before they go into casting, and/or production (and usually even before they hit the trade publications).
The course demystifies the challenges of doing professional-level coverage and makes the process simple, clear, and even fun. At the same time, the course is detailed, comprehensive, and high-level.  Even seasoned pros are often surprised by the new insights they gain.

What you’ll learn

  • How to write stronger, clearer and more compelling coverage that’s more likely to get noticed by those who can help you build your career
  • Industry standard coverage formats and differences between coverage for studios, networks, production companies, actor-based companies, agencies, management companies, screenplay contests, coverage services and analysis directly for writers and consultants
  • How to write the dreaded synopsis so that’s useful to your reader and easier and quicker for you
  • How to quickly and succinctly generate powerful loglines
  • Industry insider techniques like the “3 x 5 Analysis method” that make coverage comments easier to write and improve the quality of your analysis
  • Insight into what industry buyers are looking for so you can be more confident in your final recommendations of both project and writer
  • The tactics the pros use to read faster and better at the same time
  • Get access to the most successful strategies for getting hired as a reader, and getting the right jobs to move your desired career forward further and faster
  • If you’re just starting out, you’ll have the opportunity to develop strong “example coverage” that is vital for getting hired.

Whether you are new to story analysis or are a seasoned professional, MPII’s Professional Reader Program is designed to help you get to where you want to go.