Boost your career by volunteering at MPii

Volunteering at MPii is a great way to build your professional network.  And you know that, at every stage of your career from entry-level to seasoned pro, a strong and constantly growing network is vital to career success in this industry.

If you are in the early stages of your career volunteering at MPii is a great way to overcome the traditional entry-level challenge in our industry– the requirement for many assistant and other entry-level jobs is “Industry Experience Required”, but how can you get the necessary experience if you need to have it before you can be hired in the first place? The best answer is internships (checkout our intern program) or volunteering at MPii.

Volunteering at MPiii has many benefits, including that most of our volunteer opportunities are designed so you earn credible ‘this counts on your resume’ entertainment industry experience. Also, because for more than 30 years, our volunteers have been launching and furthering their careers in the industry there is a large ‘alumni’ in the industry now who value seeing MPii on your resume. They know that it means you are likely a cut above other job candidates, because you have had access to some of the best training in the world and even more importantly they know you’ve been acculturated to the team collaborative process built on a solid bedrock of personal responsibility and reliability, which is the number one thing employers in our industry look for when hiring. Filmmaking is a collaborative art, a team sport and those that do the hiring know very well that people flaking on responsibilities is the biggest danger to every project. MPii has a proud tradition of starting as an all volunteer organization, where we value and challenge our volunteers to live their commitments. And employers throughout the industry know it.

Other benefits include earning tuition free access to our industry-leading training programs, workshops and events, including networking mixers. (What’s one of the best low-stress ways to meet people at an industry  event? Be one of the people volunteering to help to run the event!).

There are  many volunteering opportunities at MPii. Check out this list of current volunteer opportunities, or let us know what your interests are and we can guide you toward the right opportunity.


Online Assistant/Researcher: part-time online research and outreach communication with industry professionals setting up and conducting survey-type interviews, via phone or internet. (Part time, min 5 hours a month, 3 month minimum commitment. Work remotely via internet. Training provided)

Production Team: be part of small unit film crews that shoot video interviews of industry professionals about their work. (Part time, min 6 hours a month, 3 month minimum commitment. Work in-person, traveling to location for interview shoots (you must be in a major film production hub area such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Beijing, etc.). Training provided)

Event Production:  be part of the team the puts together and runs one or more of our industry-leading events, such as a workshop training or a round table focus group of working professionals, or a networking ‘mixer’ event.  (Online and/or in-person.  Part Time. 6 hour per month , three month minimum commitment. Training Provided)