Networking for the Schmoozing Impaired

Everybody knows that in Hollywood good networking is an absolute must for launching and sustaining a career. But what many people don’t know is that good networking is a skill you can learn, not something that people are either naturally born with (or without!).

With a little help and some insider secrets, you can develop the skills that the pros use to successfully further your career.


To help you to have the best opportunity to master the material, this powerful workshop is offered in two parts:


An intensive two-hour session covers both the industry
standards for appropriate networking protocols, as well as insider secrets and techniques for even more effective power networking.

  • The breakthrough concept that will allow you to change how you perceive networking, so you can approach it with a new sense of confidence, integrity, and enthusiasm
  • Why it’s not actually all about “who you know” (and the more powerful secret that it’s really about)
  • The magical phrase that will get you past “hi” and allow you to engage comfortably with people at any social gathering
  • How to avoid feeling like a “user” (to yourself and to others) by building an authentic network that you and others can feel good about
  • How to politely and confidently move from one conversation to another conversation at a social gathering
  • How to determine the best venues and situations for building your network.
  • Step by step preparation for using your new networking skills in the field (with optional practice opportunities ranging from informal scenarios to actual industry networking events)


After an opportunity to “field test” your newly gained skills and confidence during the week, we’ll meet again for a follow-up two-hour session that covers the vital next steps for following up and building authentic relationships and appropriate sustainable industry contacts.

  • After the optional practice opportunities, this is a unique opportunity to check in and fine tune your recently field-tested networking skills and techniques, plus…
  • The next steps after meeting a new contact
  • The secret to following up with people at all levels of the Hollywood spectrum.
  • How to avoid the common missteps that can torpedo relationships before you get the chance to build them.
  • How to assess which of the people you meet are right for your network.
  • The best subject line for a follow up email.
  • The proper protocols for “next steps” meetings, coffee, lunch, etc…

“Networking for the Schmoozing Impaired” is designed for working professional actors, writers, directors, producers, crew personnel, agents, managers, and execs,  as well as those at the entry-level aspiring/emerging stage of their careers.

This 2-part (2-hours each) workshop tends to sell out fast, so sign up NOW to be on the list to be alerted first when the next one is offered: