While the term “Fellowship” is used differently at different industry institutions and organizations, at MPii our fellowships are built around high-level career skills research and learning, with  hands-on training and experience-building opportunities for emerging as well as mid-career working professionals. 

The curriculum of each fellowship is designed in consultation with a mentor and includes specific areas of study and experience-building, as well as program milestones and measures of success, such as thesis projects.  

Most fellowships at MPii are multi-year, intensive, part-time, online as well as in person programs. Generally, they are custom designed around the specific needs of the individual fellow or specific groups of fellows, such as the Career Excelerator programs which provide more structured support for cohorts of participants who gain benefits of community support by going through the program together. 

Admissions prerequisites and qualifications commonly include successful completion of MPii internships or the application process of a Career Excelerator program, such as the Career Excelerator for Screenwriters (launching in 2022).