Apply For Our Intern Program

The Intern Program at MPii is by design the most comprehensive intern program in the industry, especially when it comes to the career-building benefits most interns look for, such as opportunities to:

  • Gain hands on, meaningful ‘this counts on your resume’ experience in story development, casting, production, post-production, marketing and promotion of feature, television, web series and documentaries with our partner production companies.
  • Access specific on-the-job training that taps into the deep, high-level knowledge base available only at MPii, designed based on years of industry-leading research into best practices.
  • Tap into little-known, yet highly effective career launch strategies.
  • Build the foundations of a super-network of peers, as well as senior professionals.
  • Earn positive recommendations, references, and referrals from working professionals who you have directly worked with, which are vital to winning the sought-after entry level jobs.

The intern program at MPii is an ideal internship to start off your career-launch path, to prepare yourself to really shine and stand out (in a good way) as you move on to internships at the studios, networks, production companies, agencies and management companies, etc.

The program is designed to help you avoid the ‘rookie mistakes’ that most interns make which tend to  significantly diminish the all-important first impression, lowering opportunities for advancement at every stage of your career.   

Because MPii’s internship program is well understood to be an improvement-focused environment, it’s actually the one place in town where it’s safe to make your rookie mistakes, and learn insider ‘hacks’ so you can be a much stronger candidate when applying for that coveted internship or entry-level job at your dream studio, network, agency, management or production company, where you face much more competition.

And even if you’ve done several industry internships already, the higher-level insights and skills available only at MPii can serve as a significant advantage throughout your career trajectory, propelling you up, faster and more assuredly from the ranks of entry-level, to working professional, all the way up to name-brand A-lister.

Also, because MPii is an industry-leading organization, an MPii internship on your resume will help you to more securely land those subsequent highly-competitive internships and entry-level jobs.

This part-time or full-time position starts with an 8 week commitment, at a minimum of 10 hours per week of both in-person and online work. Successful completion thereof, earns the opportunity for promotion into higher-level work in your chosen area of concentration, such as:

  • Story Development,
  • Agency and Talent Management,
  • Packaging and Casting,
  • Deal Making, Legal and Finance,
  • Production planning, supervision, and operations,
  • Production Protocols and Craft Skills (directing, photography, editing, effects, production design, costuming, etc.),
  • Marketing, Promotion and Distribution,
  • Diversity, Gender and Inclusion,
  • Movie & TV reviewing and Film criticism.

Because interns are actively involved in so many aspects of MPii’s work in the industry, in order to preserve MPii’s reputation of high-caliber of work product and industry-leading standards of excellence, the following are strict job requirements:

  • Highly reliable work ethic
  • Self-starter, able to work well individually and in teams
  • Growth mindset, excited to learn and grow
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Capable with GoogleDocs
  • U.S. citizen or has work or student visa
  • Over 18 years old
  • Adept in both written and spoken English language

Daytime, evening, and weekend hours available.

A demanding program, internships at MPii are an unpaid position best-suited for those serious about fully engaging to earn career-building experience, on-the-job training, and top recommendations.  

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but be aware that most internship positions fill weeks in advance, especially Summer and Fall internships.  Apply early.

For application instructions send an email to:


Since MPii is a research institute, current college enrollment is not required to qualify.  

Applicants who have successfully completed MPii trainings such as “How to Rock Your Internship” and “The Production Assistant Program” typically do better in the Application process for any internship, including at MPii.  At the same time, the material contained in those training workshops is covered in the on-the-job training in MPii’s Intern Program, so you would not be missing key information if you are not able to do those trainings before starting your internship.