How to Rock Your Internship [3 hour workshop]

A Hollywood internship is your best and more reliable opportunity to get a foot in the door and launch your career. With the right know-how and attitude, internships can be a near-magical way to gain experience and, more importantly, to get noticed by the higher-ups who can actively recommend you for future work, mentor you, or even hire you.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do an internship. Doing an internship wrong can seriously damage your career. Doing an internship right can be a fast track to career advancement.

The best internships in town are highly competitive. Learn what you need to know to get the best opportunities and make the most of them.

What you’ll learn

  • Which internship(s) are the most desirable for your career goals
  • Why paying internships are not necessarily the best internships — but why you should never, ever work “for free” (and why those two things aren’t as contradictory as they might sound)
  • The unwritten rules of Hollywood internships that intern coordinators don’t have the time to teach you
  • How to avoid the all-too-common rookie mistakes that most interns make every day that can end your career before you even get started
  • The insider secrets for getting noticed and getting known as a “star intern”
  • How to earn the recommendations and mentorships required to launch your career on the right trajectory
  • How to showcase your energy, creativity, and commitment without being obnoxious
  • How to avoid the most common complaints of intern coordinators and senior execs at the top studios and production companies in the industry
  • How to get your family behind your internship, even if they are highly skeptical
  • How to successfully “run a desk” when you get the opportunity
  • The best way to get face-time and career support from senior personnel
  • How to make your internship work for you even after it’s completed

This intensive training has been constantly updated and presented over the years by a variety of working industry professionals in different career areas, many of whom got their first big leg up by taking this very same training when they were getting started with their own careers.

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