The Career Excelerator for Screenwriters in or recent grads of graduate-level screenwriting programs:

If you are or will be enrolled in, or are a recent graduate of a masters degree screenwriting program, the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters, as a part-time program, is designed to work well as a supplement, which you can participate in concurrently, to take your studies to a higher level. One note of caution is that as an intensive part-time program, it can be challenging to fully participate in the program while also completing university studies. 

Since the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters‘s purpose is significantly help emerging and working screenwriters more effectively launch and further meaningful careers, it focuses on the three most impactful areas for career success:

  1. High-impact Career Strategies, including power network building.
  2. Navigating the challenges of the Story Development Process, including pitching, and collaborative creative leadership skills. 
  3. Access to the highest-level master story craft skills.

And since the Career Excelerator was created for emerging and working screenwriters who are beyond film school, those three areas of focus also happen to be the ones that even the top graduate level film schools are not able to cover and practice sufficiently.

This means, the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters provides unparalleled access to high-level, insider strategies, skills and techniques that are simply not available anywhere else in the industry. 

So, if you’re an aspiring screenwriter already in a traditional film school program, you are serious about launching your career faster and more effectively, and you have the discipline and work ethic to take on the extra load, the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters may be the right choice for you.

For more information about this 2-year, part-time, intensive, tuition-free program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and if/when you are ready to apply the Application Instructions.