The Career Excelerator for Screenwriters for those from a self-taught, life experience background, or coming to screenwriting perhaps after another career: 

The path to a successful, sustainable, meaningful career as a professional screenwriter is a challenging goal, no matter your background or education. 

Since the program is intensive, and requires a high degree of motivation, discipline and self-accountability, if you’re someone who has the self-discipline and work ethic to have successfully self-educated, and/or you have the maturity that may come from a prior career or other significant life experience, the Career Excelerator for Screenwriters at MPii is likely an even better fit for you. 

According to extensive research conducted by MPii, there are three areas of knowledge and skill that are most impactful to a successful career as a professional screenwriter in the Hollywood, independent and international motion picture industry: 

  1. High-impact Career Strategies, including power network building. 
  2. Navigating the challenges of the Story Development Process, including pitching, and collaborative creative leadership skills. 
  3. Access to the highest-level master story craft skills.  

Unfortunately, these most important subjects are the least understood, and therefore generally not taught and practiced sufficiently even at the top graduate level film schools or sources such as books, videos, seminars, workshops, and other career prep and career-launch support programs in the industry. 

This means, the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters program provides unparalleled access to high-level, insider strategies, skills and techniques that are simply not available anywhere else in the industry. 

For more information about this 2-year, part-time, intensive, tuition-free program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and the Application Instructions.