The Career Excelerator for Screenwriters already launching their careers or already working:

If you are currently in the process of actively launching your career, maybe in one of the industry fellowships, or perhaps already working regularly as a screenwriting professional, with or without manager or agency representation, you might think that it’s too late for you to access the benefits of the MPii Career Excelerator Program for Screenwriters. 

Not so.

Or you may reasonably think that you already know and have access to the best tools, techniques, insights and relationships you need to successfully navigate your career launch, and reliably move your career forward with a solid, sustainable trajectory toward the A-list.

Again, not the case. In fact…

The Career Excelerator Program for Screenwriters at MPii is specifically designed to focus is on the 3 most impactful areas for career launch and also career development success:

  1. High-Impact Career Strategies, including power network building. 
  2. Navigating the challenges of the Story Development Process, including pitching, and collaborative creative leadership skills.
  3. Access to the highest-level master story craft skills.

Surprisingly, these are the 3 areas least covered at even the top film schools and other career prep and career-launch support programs in the industry. That is why this program provides unparalleled access to high-level, insider strategies, skills and techniques that are simply not available anywhere else in the industry. 

Furthermore, not only do virtually all emerging, future professional screenwriters lack the vital knowledge, insights and skills most necessary to launch and further meaningful careers, but so do most working mid-career professional screenwriters lack those resources. 

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive and high-impact support to help you more effectively launch and/or further your screenwriting career, it’s not too late– the Career Excelerator Program for Screenwriters at MPii, was designed for you. For more information about this 2-year, part-time, intensive, tuition-free program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and if/when you are ready to apply the Application Instructions.