MPii – CES – Application Instructions Step 3

Congratulations on making it to this next step in the application process to the Career Excelerator for Screenwriters at MPii.

This step involves watching a movie, which should be fun for you. 

NOTE: if the idea of screening a movie as part of the application process is not a fun prospect for you, this program may not be a good fit for you.

And it’s not just any movie, but an Academy Award-winning movie. 

So it’s one that you will want to have seen if you haven’t. And if you have already seen it, you get to enjoy engaging with it again. 



In the movie AMADEUS, there is a moment where the secret of how to be a genius-level creative is revealed. 

Your mission is to screen the movie, watching closely to find that moment, and then describe it HERE.



The answer may not be explicitly stated, but is clearly shown in action.  

Also, there are other elements in the movie which are important, especially to build and sustain the master-level of craft skill required to support genius-level creativity, but they don’t quite get to genius-level creativity itself, the way this one thing does.  

Oh, and the answer is not to be born with a massive built-in innate talent already.

Have fun!