The Career Excelerator for Screenwriters as an Alternative to Film School:

If you are considering applying to an undergraduate or graduate screenwriting program but are still open to the possibility that other routes might lead you more quickly and more assuredly to a viable career as a professional screenwriter then you’ve come to the right place. 

While the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters was created primarily as a higher-level supplement or next step to graduate film school, this program can serve as an alternate route to traditional film school. 

While film school can be a benefit for some, one concern about traditional film school programs is the substantial cost, which frequently results in high student debt. That debt, in turn, can be a barrier to the very early career opportunities which can most benefit emerging filmmakers, especially screenwriters who may need more time to strengthen their skills and their portfolio of work that adequately demonstrates those skills in the form of spec scripts and writing samples.

This is why the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters is a tuition-free program. 

The MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters is all about successfully launching and furthering meaningful careers, therefore it focuses on the three most impactful areas for career success:

  1. High-impact Career Strategies, including power network building. 
  2. Navigating the challenges of the Story Development Process, including pitching, and collaborative creative leadership skills. 
  3. Access to the highest-level master story craft skills.  

And since the Career Excelerator was created to enhance the film school route or to be an alternative route, those three areas of focus also happen to be the ones generally not taught and practiced sufficiently even at the top graduate level film schools, sources such as books, videos, seminars, workshops, and other career prep and career-launch support programs in the industry. 

This means the MPii Career Excelerator for Screenwriters provides unparalleled access to high-level, insider strategies, skills and techniques that are simply not available anywhere else in the industry. 

For more information about this 2-year, part-time, intensive, tuition-free program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and if/when you are ready to apply the Application Instructions.