2000Dames: Women advancing inclusion and impact of female artists

Maya Angelou author, dancer, actor, playwright, editor, cable car conductor, DAME. (first African-American female member of the Directors Guild)
For 30 years now, Motion Picture Industry Institute (MPii) has been dedicated to researching and improving best practices of working professionals in the entertainment industry, exploring key challenges and opportunities, then creating leading-edge solutions.

Our research over three decades has found that film artists succeed the most when they are connected to a diverse community of creatives across ALL of the arts. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that our industry includes and relies on virtually all art mediums.

A major priority identified by MPii and other industry organizations is to significantly improve representation of women, both on-screen and behind the camera in Hollywood, and to amplify the impact of work by female artists across all art mediums.


Research conducted by MPii strongly indicates that for this to happen, female artists need comprehensive support in three key areas:

  1. New sustainable sources of significant FUNDING for female artists.
  2. Comprehensive, ongoing SUPPORT from ARTS PROFESSIONALS, including top-level MARKETING and PROMOTION of the artist and her work.
  3. An active, large, diverse, sustained COMMUNITY of peer, collaborator and mentor women artists in all areas of the arts.

Therefore, MPii is launching 2000Dames, a new ‘women supporting women’ initiative. Founded by our executive director, Hope Mineo, it brings all three pieces together in a comprehensive manner to support female artists at each stage of their careers in order to significantly raise the impact of their work.

For more information, and to be a part of launching this exciting new initiative, please contact:

Hope Mineo
Executive Director,
Motion Picture Industry Institute
Email: hope@MPii.org

Mary Pickford, producer, actress, studio cofounder, DAME. (co-founder of United Artists Studio)