Continuous explorations and sharing of
the best story tools,
by professionals for professionals.

For more than 30 years, MPii has been actively researching and working with the best story experts around the world, seeking them out, diving deeply into their approach, testing, challenging, and clarifying their theories and techniques, then bringing the best of the best practices our trainings and workshops.

The Story Sessions methodology includes extensive scrutiny by multiple researchers, not only attending workshops and deeply perusing the books, audio and video recordings of every single story expert, but also significant one-on-one engagement discussing and clarifying their points of view.

Those theories and concepts, story creation techniques, and even process tools are then subjected to rigorous testing via both academic-type critical evaluation and, more importantly, field testing what really works and doesn’t, making constant improvements, in the course of the daily work of actual high-level studio and network story development, with professional writers of all different stripes working in various genres, in myriad situations.

The findings of all this research are regularly reviewed and incorporated into our Story Consulting Services, as well as the various trainings at MPii, such as:

Secrets of the Script Doctors”, “The More/Better/Easier Writing Clinic”, “Writing for the Reader: The Other Half of Screenwriting”, and the industry-leading trainings for readers , “The Professional Reader Program” and for working development executives “Avoiding Development Hell.”

A partial list of leading industry-recognized story creatives, script doctors, story consultants and teachers who have been part of the ongoing Story Sessions research work over the years includes:

(listed alphabetically)   
Aaron Sorkin
Blake Snyder

Howard Zuber
Jeff Kitchen
Linda Seeger
Matt Keener
Michael Arndt
Michael Hauge
Paul Gulino
Robert McKee
Syd Field
William Goldman

And many more…

If you are a story expert who would like to become part of this legacy, please let us know of you interest.